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Crafting Empty Crafting

Post by ProNoob Thu Jun 02, 2011 2:56 pm

Crafting in Eden Eternal is simple and direct, it is done thru the help of craft masters located in the Holy City of Aven and inside the Eden Eternal (guild towns).

1. The first step to crafting is to purchase a blueprint from a blueprint vendors found all around the Holy city. After purchasing the blueprint you have to gather the materials required by the blueprint.

For equipment (weapons and armor) blueprint visit the merchants around 290, 551.
For magical instruments (guitars and magic staff) visit 254, 456.
For accessories visit the crafts merchant (rings, necklaces) at 266, 523.
For the pharmaceuticals (buff potions and gems) visit the merchant at 276, 489.

2. To gather the required materials, you have to know what materials you need first. Take a look at the blueprint. The top part lists all the materials required for you to construct your equipment.

3. Now you need to visit the appropriate harvesting materials NPC.

For mining you need to visit the Mineral Merchant (263, 516) to purchase some mining exploration maps.

For farming you need to visit the Agricultural Merchant (259, 491) to purchase some agricultural cultivation secrets.

For hunting you need to visit the Summon Merchant (257,211) to purchase some altar summon scrolls.

4. After you have purchased the appropriate mining exploration maps you need to visit Heghurn (250,508) the miner in order to commission (pay) him to mine for you.

To initiate the mining commission simply talk to Heghurn and tell him you wish to mine (Assignment of Mining), a harvesting window will pop up and simply insert the harvesting maps you wish to use and press request. You have to pay him the appropriate fee per mining request.

Mining takes time and the higher the level of the required material the longer (in real life minutes) it takes to mine. You can queue up to a maximum of 10 commissioned (mining and farming) jobs. You do not have to simply sit there and wait for the harvesting to finish. You can do other things such as go adventure or even simply log off! While logged out your harvesting requests will continue to be processed and after they are done you can log back in to reap your harvests. Be sure that you have space in your inventory. A successful harvest will net you some Character EXP.

5. Farming is the same as mining except you have to visit Felix (251, 484) the farmer and commission (pay) him to farm the required materials for you.

6. Hunting is somewhat different because it is dangerous and no NPC is willing to help you with it so you have to do it yourself. After you have purchased an altar summon scroll, you have to visit Slach (288,189) the summoner. She will then summon a monster using the altar summon scroll that you have purchased after you pay her per summon.

Make sure you are ready for battle as the monster summoned will immediately attack you, and after you have killed it you will be able to acquire some hunted materials. Note: the higher the level of the summon scroll the stronger the monster is.

Note: The mats are considered "loot" so if you are in a party be sure that the looting is set to FREE-FOR-ALL as there's a chance your fellow party member might "accidentally" pick up your crafting mats.

7. After you have obtained all the required materials, have them in your inventory and visit:

Kole the molding master (256, 463) for crafting weapons and armor.
Gurotath the Alchemist (275, 496) for your gem and alchemical needs.
Rhiona the Magic Craftsman (293, 521) for crafting runes and accessories.

8. Simply talk to the appropriate NPC (for this example we'll talk to Kole), the crafting window will open, select the appropriate blueprint you wish to craft from your inventory and have all the required material components AND gold (even mastercrafters gotta eat y' know) in your inventory and press the REQUEST button. Success or failure will be dependent on your luck or if you use any crafting enhancement (charm slot) item.

9. For crafting Tier 1 (Lv. 20-23) equipment set (orange quality) the success rate is 100% (this includes lvl 20 weapons and lvl 23 armor sets). Tier 2 (Lv. 30) and above has a chance to fail. If the crafter fails, all materials, money and blueprint are used up. Sorry no refunds!

10. Advanced crafting (For Tier 2 and above). Some materials from Tier 2 (lvl 30+) and above requires you to hunt for them in the world. Some monsters can drop essences (such as 'Terrified Thought') which is used for crafting. To craft Tier 3 (lvl 40+) gear you need to visit the master crafters located in Eden Eternal (guild town). The process is similar but requires rare materials. All Tier 3 (lvl 40+) and above blueprints and harvesting maps may only be found in Eden Eternal.
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